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Luxury Tailor-Made USA Holidays New England 2024 & 2025 

Quaint Coastal Villages and Historic Landmarks 

When we think of New England, our mind goes immediately to the stunning landscapes, the colourful houses and quaint coastal towns. It really is a beautiful region of the USA.  
New England is mostly known for its natural beauty and countryside. Visiting in the Autumn months is best for admiring the vibrant foliage, or you can hike through the White Mountains of New Hampshire. In the Summer months, why not visit Rhode Island or Martha's Vineyard to see New England in a different light? 
Our tours include a huge variety of activities from eating lobster in Maine to coasting down the winding roads of Vermont, or strolling through the charming streets of Boston to relaxing on the sandy beaches of Cape Cod. 
Whether you're seeking outdoor adventures, cultural experiences, or simply a peaceful retreat from the hustle and bustle of city life, New England welcomes you with open arms. Come and discover the magic of this enchanting corner of America. 
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Things to do and see in New England 

Mystic, Connecticut 

Mystic is a must-visit coastal town on your travels to New England. Filled with maritime history and plenty of charm, when you step into Mystic it will feel like you're stepping back in time with its cobblestone streets and quaint houses on the waterfront. 
You won't be able to miss the permanent installation of the sail boat, part of the Mystic Seaport Museum, where you can learn about the the seafaring past and stroll along the town's historic buildings. The museum also offers a glimpse in the nearby underwater wildlife with exhibits of beluga whales, sea lions and marine creatures. 
Watch the fishing boats bobbing in the harbour while dining on fresh seafood in one of the many waterfront restaurants and let time slowly pass by, taking in the scenes.  

Freedom Trail 

The Freedom Trail is an iconic pathway that will take you through the city's historic neighbourhoods showing you America's captivating revolutionary past. You will follow a red line, on a 2.5 mile trail leading you to 16 significant sites, the Massachusetts State House, Paul Revere's House, the Old North Church and more. 
Along this trail, you will be immersed in the history of Boston, as well as i's vibrant culture. The guide will teach you about important events such as the Boston Massacre and the Boston Tea Party, so you can come away knowing more about the city. 
Today, the Freedom Trail is a symbol of liberty and democracy, inviting you to walk in the footsteps of America's founding fathers and explore the stories that shaped the nation's history. 

Cape Cod 

This enchanting peninsula in Massachusetts stretches for 65 miles and showcases amazing dunes and historic lighthouses dotted along the coastline. You can visit Cape Cod year round to experience it's natural beauty in every season.  
For the ultimate New England charm, visit little villages such as Provincetown, Chatham and Hyannis. Here you will find art galleries, boutique shops and plenty of fresh seafood restaurants on the waterfront. 
There are so many things to do in Cape Cod, from whale watching excursions to learning about the maritime history at the Pilgrim Monument to simply relaxing on the beach, watching the waves roll in. 

The Maine Lobster Festival 

The Maine Lobster Festival is held annually in Rockland to celebrate New Englands most iconic culinary treasures - lobster. Every summer, lobster lovers from near and far head to this charming seaside town to indulge in fresh lobster prepared in every way imaginable. 
This festival showcases the versatility of this delicious dish, from classic lobster rolls to creative lobster dishes crafted by top chefs. But lobster isn't the only thing on the menu! You can enjoy live music and entertainment, arts and crafts vendors, cooking demonstrations and activities for all. 
You cannot miss out on this festival and it's lively atmosphere during your travels to the USA. 

Acadia National Park 

Covering over 49,000 acres of untouched wilderness, the Acadia National Park in Maine is a breath-taking sanctuary of natural beauty, lush forests and a stunning coastline. 
No matter your hiking skills, you can explore over 120 miles of trails, whether its a gentle stroll along scenic carriage roads to more challenging climbs up Cadillac Mountain. Along the park's rocky shores you'll find hidden coves, sandy beaches and famous landmarks like Thunder Hole and Bass Harbour Head Light.  
If you are a wildlife enthusiast then you will have the opportunity to spot bald eagles and even the elusive moose of Acadia. The park is home to many different bird species so make sure to bring your binoculars! 


Vermont is beautiful all year round, with each season offering something different; our favourite time of year has to be Autumn, as the colours are just incredible.  
However, luscious landscapes aren't the only thing in Vermont. Small, charming towns like Burlington and Montpelier each offer their own unique blend of historic architecture, locally owned shops and farm-to-table restaurants. 
If outdoor activities are your thing then Vermont is the place for you. From skiing and snowboarding in the Winter months to biking and kayaking in warmer months, you will not be bored! 
This state also has a very vibrant art scene, meander around galleries and studios, watch a show in a local theatre or attend a festival to celebrate the traditions of Vermont during your trip. 

White Mountains, New Hampshire 

You will be taken away with the rugged beauty of the White Mountains of New Hampshire. Peaks that tower above you, dominate the landscape, giving you breath-taking views, especially of Mount Washington, and challenging trails if you enjoy hiking and climbing. If you want a to enjoy the scenery in luxury, you can drive through the mountains, stopping at waterfalls.  
In the Winter months, you can ski down the powdery slopes, in Summer you can swim in the crystal clear lakes, or in Autumn just take in the stunning vistas and colours.  
To really get the most out of the White Mountains, there are plenty of cosy lodges in nearby towns such as North Conway and Jackson. As well as accommodation, you'll find quaint shops and locally-owned restaurants for you to take it the charm of New England. 

Martha's Vineyard 

Martha's Vineyard is the perfect island to get away from the busy mainland life. Taking a ferry to the island, you'll notice an immediate slower pace of life.  
Explore the picturesque lighthouses, sandy shores and villages with shops and galleries. Enjoy the island's laidback atmosphere by cycling round the island, spending the day fishing, or just relax on the beach, enjoying the natural beauty of the island. 
Being an island, of course the culinary scene is going to be fresh and enticing! With a farm-to-table cuisine and local vineyards offering the best of the best, you will be absolutely spoilt.  
Martha's Vineyard is sure to captivate you with its charm. 

Best Time to Visit New England 

You can visit New England all year round and each time experience something different. Below we have broken it down by seasons: 
Spring is a lovely time to visit New England as everything will be blossoming and blooming. The weather is still cool but slowing warming up, making it the perfect time of year for walks, hikes, and outdoor activities without the summer crowds. 
Summer in New England brings warm temperatures and the coastal towns start to come alive with beachgoers, sailing enthusiasts and seafood festivals; venturing inland, the warmer months allow you to camp and explore the many national parks. It is also a great time to enjoy outdoor concerts, farmers' markets and more. 
Autumn is definitly the most popular time to visit New England. You will witness the breath-taking display of Autumn foliage and the amazing colours. The forests put on a show of impressive reds, oranges and yellows painting your drives through the mountains. In this season, you have Autumn festivals, apple picking and harvest celebrations. 
New England transforms into a magical wonderland in the winter, with snow-covered landscapes, cosy lodges and wintersports. Skiing and snowboarding are popular activities in the mountains, and the quaint towns double down with the festive decorations, Christmas markets, and other seasonal events.  

Our Favourite Hotels in New England  

The Vanderbilt 

The Wauwinet 

Twin Farms 

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