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Call us on 01442 617777 
Beware the Polynesian magic. Over the centuries, writers, painters and mutineers have been enthralled by the charms of this cluster of South Sea islands. Many have found they couldn’t bear to leave. Can you resist? 
The islands of Polynesia – tiny dots in the South Pacific – have a reputation to uphold. In this luscious tropical paradise around 3,000 miles from Australia, the welcome is legendary, the colours every bit as dazzling as in the paintings, and the way of life ultimately relaxed. A stay on the French Polynesian islands of Tahiti, Moorea or Bora Bora is the perfect way to unwind after an action-filled antipodean adventure. Rest your weary limbs and soothe your mind in some of the world’s most rarefied luxury resorts. Feast your eyes on coral beaches and heavenly volcanic scenery; then indulge in the islands’ imaginative cuisine. Stick a tiare blossom in your hair: this is castaway territory. 
Perhaps nowhere on earth feels quite so close to paradise as French Polynesia. For countless visitors, this far-distant archipelago in the South Pacific represents an unsullied idyll. Sick of the West, the post-impressionist painter Gauguin settled there to live a life of sybaritic pleasure, and spent the rest of his days trying to convey their people and bright cathode-ray technicolour landscape. 
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Six Senses resort on Con Dao, Vietnam

Island Hopping 

Embark on a tropical odyssey with French Polynesia island hopping. Dive into azure lagoons, white-sand beaches, and vibrant coral gardens across this South Pacific paradise. 
A junk boat tour in Halong Bay, Vietnam

Snorkelling and Scuba Diving 

Snorkel through crystal-clear lagoons and embark on thrilling scuba adventures amid vibrant coral reefs and diverse marine life. 
Vietnam Holiday to Hanoi - Ancient building on a lake

Laze around on Bora Bora 

Bora Bora, the epitome of paradise. Surrender to overwater bungalows, turquoise lagoons, and unmatched luxury in this jewel of the South Pacific. 
Vietnam Beach Holidays on Phu Quoc

Moorea Island 

Moorea, a tropical haven in French Polynesia. Discover lush landscapes and clear turquoise waters. It will be hard to return home after visiting this paradise! 
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Los Angeles / Tahiti / Moorea / Bora Bora 
Nothing can prepare you for the breathtaking scenery of the islands’ towering volcanic peaks, rugged cliffs, emerald lagoons and stunning palm-fringed beaches. Divers and snorkelers can marvel at the area’s extraordinary range of marine life, while hikers explore the islands' lush jungle-clad volcanic mountains. History enthusiasts are equally well sated with numerous archaeological sites revealing traces from its Pre-European past. With all of this remarkable scenery, diverse marine life and fascinating culture on offer, it is no wonder that French Polynesia has become one of the Pacific’s most exclusive and popular tourist destinations. 
Moorea / Bora Bora 
Whether you drive, enjoy local culture or just like to relax, the island of Moorea will offer an unforgettable stay. Go on a hike, a bike ride, snorkelling or even swim with sharks and sting rays, you will never be disappointed! Travel around the two large mythical bays of Moorea, Cooks Bay and Opunohu Bay and discover the amazing pineapple plantations and endemic gardens. Have a taste of the ever-present Polynesia culture. Moorea shelters many marae that you can discover on various excursions in the lush valleys. 
Perfect for:  
beach, honeymoon, family and wellness 
Time difference: 
GMT- 10 hours 
When to go:  
June to August 
International Airports:  
Pape'ete (PPT) also reffered to as Tahiti National airport 
Flight duration:  
24 hours approx 
Some are recommended or required by the Centres for Disease Control and the World Health Organisation (WHO).  
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