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Majestic and ancient, China is one of the world’s most culturally and ecologically diverse countries. From the bright lights of futuristic cities linked by high speed trains to iconic landmarks, to the Great Wall and an army of Warriors, it’s a vast and exciting land awaiting discovery with a wealth of photo opportunities. 
Inventor of tea, paper, and the humble umbrella, China is the world’s third largest country, home to one fifth of the global population and custodian of some of its greatest treasures; The Great Wall of China, Xian’s Terracotta Army, the Forbidden Palace, Tiananmen Square and some 33 UNESCO World Heritage sites. 
Explore China and create lasting memories in the diverse and enchanting landscapes in 2024, 2025 or beyond. 
In addition to the must-sees, there’s a wealth of experiences to be enjoyed in this monumental country, with no better place to begin than Beijing. Hurled into the 21st Century by way of hosting the Olympics, China’s capital city is the perfect blend of old and new. The shining heights of the Central Business District give way to the ancient Forbidden City and Temple of Heaven, and the population seems to echo this sentiment, with a contrast of suits and chess sets filling the streets. 
Just outside Beijing, the roads turn rural towards Mutianyu, an area that accesses the world’s most famous wall. Winding for 5500km from East to West, the iconic landmark is fortified with neat arrow slots, geometric towers and open walkways. Cable cars and gondolas wind from foothill villages up to the stone, brick and soil staircases that ensure a breathtaking vista over blossoming cherry trees and a vast, mountainous horizon that is only bettered by the addition of a sunset. 
The Queen of the Orient, Shanghai, is the vibrant pulse of new China. A multi cultural metropolis, there’s a work-hard, play-hard atmosphere that still holds tradition and heritage in high regard. The skyscrapers that house global finance institutions tower above an architecturally colonial waterfront, the classical Yu Gardens with Ming Dynasty pavilions and ponds lay at the foot of the futuristic Oriental Pearl, and the Nanjing Road provides the opportunity to purchase luxury designer goods alongside smoked fish and traditional calligraphy pens – it’s clear to see that every street typifies a city that looks to the future whilst holding dear to the past. 
Towards the East of the Silk Road lies the eternal city of Xi’an, food lover’s paradise and home to thousands of life sized figures that form the Terracotta Army, buried with China’s first Qin Emperor at one of the worlds greatest archeological sites. The towering ancient walls of this 3000 year old city were built during the Ming Dynasty, with notably beautiful gates that typify tilting rooves and historical silhouettes echoed by the Xi’an Bell Tower and leaning Wild Goose pagodas. 
The opportunities to experience the true heart of China arise aplenty at every turn, by floating down the Yangtze River, practising early morning tai chi and delving into the local markets before learning how to create delicious authentic cuisine with your purchases. Soak up the atmosphere in a traditional teahouse complete with chess and pastries, master the ancient art of writing with brushstrokes and discover hidden villages nestled within rice terraces – the incredible memories and adventures within this amazing country will stay with you long after the paper lanterns are extinguished 
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Six Senses resort on Con Dao, Vietnam

The Great Wall Of China 

The Great Wall of China is one of the greatest sights in the world — the longest wall in the world, a tremendous feat of ancient defensive architecture.  
A junk boat tour in Halong Bay, Vietnam

The Bund - Shanghai 

For a century, the Bund has been the the pride of Shanghai. You cannot visit Shanghai and not visit the Bund. 
Vietnam Holiday to Hanoi - Ancient building on a lake

The Forbidden City 

Constructed in 1420, during the early Ming Dynasty, it is China's best-preserved imperial palace, and the largest in size, ancient palatial structure in the world. 
Vietnam Beach Holidays on Phu Quoc

Giant Pandas 

Who wouldn't want to see these lovable and cuddly creatures upclose. The panda is on the WWF logo and is a national treasure in China. Chengdu Research Base really is the best place to visit pandas and has their welfare at the forefront.  
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Seeing the wonders of China in two weeks.  
This itinerary encompasses all the highlights of China, you will begin in Beijing, expereince a bullet train, see the Great Wall of China, visit the Pandas in Chengdu and take a cruise along the Yangtze River before finishing your trip in Shanghai.  
The influence of Japan’s fascinating cultures and unusual subcultures have such an international impact that foreigners flock here to experience sumo wrestling, traditional tea drinking ceremonies, anime comic art, samurai legends and more. 
China is home to a great number of magnificent and world-renowned sights. This tour incorporates them all – cruise along the mighty Yangtze and languid Li Rivers, visit the adorable pandas and admire the astonishing Great Wall and Terracotta Army. 
With thousands of years of fascinatingly diverse history, China is one of the world's oldest and most monumental civilisations. Encounter millennia-old culture and religion with visits to some of China's greatest and most intriguing ancient sights. 
Perfect for:  
Adventure, culture, cities, beach, honeymoon, family and wellness 
Time difference: 
GMT+ 8 hours 
When to go:  
May to September 
International Airports:  
Beijing(PEK), Shanghai(PVG), Chengdu Shuangliu (CTU) 
Flight duration:  
11.2 hours approx 
Some are recommended or required by the Centres for Disease Control and the World Health Organisation (WHO).  
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