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Call us on 01442 617777 
Namibia is a country for the adventurous of spirit. You can drive yourself on its advanced road network, then stop and dune-bash – Namibia has the world’s highest – in a quad bike. You can kayak the pristine coast in search of whales and seals, spotting ancient shipwrecks as you go. You can gaze in awe at the stark beauty of the Etosha National Park, with its dazzling saline desert, where zebra, antelope and other big game stalk. 
In summer time, when it fills with water, white turns to pink as flamingoes congregate. Further south, in Sossusvlei, skeletal blackened trees are silhouetted against the bluest sky; while in the Fish River Canyon, the largest in Africa, the vast ravine and series of pools yield yet more jaw-dropping views. This is a photogenic country, for sure: otherworldly, exciting and wild. 
Namibia is a great destination to combine with South Africa or Botswana. But it stands alone. If you crave a destination that’s out of this world, we can take you there – to the moon and back. 
Tell us more about your Namibia travel plans, and we'll create a tailor-made holiday, just for you. 
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Etosha National Park 

Etosha National Park mesmerizes with its vast salt pan and diverse wildlife. Experience thrilling game drives amidst elephants, lions, and the iconic Etosha Pan—a natural wonder that transforms with the seasons. Discover the raw beauty of Namibia's premier wildlife sanctuary, where every safari unveils a captivating tableau of African wilderness. 
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Sossusvlei unveils surreal landscapes with towering red dunes and ancient salt pans. Venture into the otherworldly beauty of Deadvlei and witness the ethereal dance of light and shadows on nature's canvas. An iconic destination, Sossusvlei beckons adventurers to explore its stark, yet mesmerizing, desert terrain.  
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Skeleton Coast 

Skeleton Coast is a hauntingly beautiful stretch of desolation where the Namib Desert meets the Atlantic. Witness shipwrecks, seal colonies, and endless dunes in this remote wilderness. Immerse in the stark beauty and eerie allure of Skeleton Coast, an untouched realm where nature and isolation create a unique and unforgettable landscape. 
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Sandwich Harbour 

Sandwich Harbour is a pristine fusion of towering dunes and the restless Atlantic Ocean. A coastal sanctuary for flamingos and seals, it's a haven for birdwatchers and nature enthusiasts. Embark on a scenic 4x4 excursion to witness the dramatic meeting of desert and sea in this remote and breathtaking destination. 
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Windhoek / Namibrand Nature Reserve / Sossussvlei / Swakopmund / Twyfelfontein / Ongava Private Game Reserve / Okonjima Nature Reserve 
Namibia is at the forefront of conserving its natural heritage, yet not many guests get to experience the efforts that take place “behind the scenes” of the various organisations. 
Windhoek / Kalahari Desert / Fish River Canyon / Helmeringhausen / Sossusvlei / Swakopmund / Erongo Mountains / Etosha National Park/ Okahandja 
Travelling with kids is a worthwhile challenge in logistical planning. This tour ensures that juniors stay occupied, parents get their break while the entire family can enjoy some of Namibia’s most fascinating, fulfilling and fun destinations. 
Swakopmund / Twyfelfontein / Sesfontein / Opuwo / Ovambolan / Etosha National Park Grootfontein / Bushmanland 
Encounter the rich and diverse wildlife of the Etosha National Park, as well as rare and endangered species in remote Damara- and Kaokoland concessions. Experience the mostly untouched nature and interact with Namibia's locals while visiting the highlights that distinguish this contrasting destination. Discover UNESCO and RAMSAR World Heritage sites. 
Stampriet / Fish River Canyon / Luderitz / Sesriem / Swakopmund 
Discover Namibia’s deserts in the south of the country: the undulating dunes of the Kalahari; the rocky plains and majestic Fish River Canyon of the Nama Karoo; and the star dunes and vleis of the Namib. 
Perfect for:  
Adventure, culture, beach, honeymoon, family 
Time difference: 
GMT+ 1 hours 
When to go:  
April to October 
International Airports:  
Windhoek (WDH) 
Flight duration:  
10 hours approx 
Some are recommended or required by the Centres for Disease Control and the World Health Organisation (WHO).  
Tailored Journeys is about helping you explore one of the most fascinating and beautiful regions on earth, in style. Even if – especially if – you don’t know where to start, call us now to talk about creating your own Tailored Journey – and let the dream begin. 
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