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Honshu - The Heartbeat of Japan  

Honshu is Japan's main island and is home to cities such as Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka and more. This is also the most popular island for tourists to visit as there's so much to do! Honshu has many different cultures and is a great example of modern Japan. 
From the busy streets of Tokyo, Japan's capital, to the serene temples of Kyoto, Honshu has something for everyone. Explore the magic of Mount Fuji or dive into the electric energy of Osaka's markets and nightlife. 
Throughout Japan, you will experience the warmth and hospitality from the local people and with a tailor-made holiday you can even live like a local, whether that's by eating sushi in a tucked away sushi bar, or soaking in the healing waters of an onsen hot spring! 
Tell us more about your Japan travel plans, and we'll create a tailor-made holiday, just for you. 
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Things to do and see in Honshu 


An obvious choice is Tokyo - home to over 42 million people and everything you could ever want to do. We recommend staying at least a week in the capital city as there's so much to cover, it would take forever to list all you can do here. 
One district in Tokyo that is definitely worth visiting is Shibuya, with one of the world's busiest intersections, known locally as 'the scramble'. Another district is Shinjuku, where you will find tiny restaurants and karaoke bars. Visit the Harajuku district on a Sunday to see a a parade of Japanese fashion and the independent clothes shops. 
Another unmissable feature of Tokyo is attending a Sumo tournament, where you can take a guided tour to learn about the rituals around this ancient sport. 


Kyoto is famous for its impressive collection of 1,600 temples and 400 shrines, especially Fushimi Inari with its red torii gates creating a tunnel between shrines. Visit Kinkaku-ji - the golden pavilion - a Zen Buddhist temple nestled in luscious gardens. Meditate on the surrounding beauty as you stroll through these manicured gardens and raked sand. 
Along your way through the narrow streets of Kyoto, you may come across the gorgeous geishas, in the traditional clothes and make-up, they truly are breath-taking. 
Kyoto is possibly at its best during the cherry blossom season in spring, this usually happens on the last week of March and the first two weeks of April, so plan accordingly! 


Osaka is Japan's third-largest city, known as the 'Kitchen of Japan' due to its endless eateries and a culinary scene that will leave your tastebuds wanting more of the mouth-watering street food, the savoury pancakes and the takoyaki octopus balls! 
The city is also full of history and culture. Visit the stunning Osaka Castle and roam around the surrounding gardens like the samurai one did, or wander through the busy markets of Dotonbori where you'll find neon lights and vibrant signs. 
Another sight to see is the Tsutenkaku Tower, which is modelled on the Eiffel Tower, where you can go to the golden observation platform for an entire view of Osaka. Meet the Billiken statue and touch his feet for good luck! 


This city is the true meaning of a phoenix rising from the ashes. Hiroshima is now a bustling city with a laid-back vibe, welcoming you into its many bars and restaurants. 
Visit the Peace Park, a quiet haven in the middle of the city, where you will find memorials and spaces to sit and reflect. In the park you'll find the Memorial Cenotaph and the Flame of Peace, waiting to be extinguished once the world is rid of nuclear weapons. 
For the foodies among us, head to Okonomimura food village to indulge in Hiroshima's signature dish, okonomiyaki, a savoury pancake packed with vegetables, seafood or meat. Watch the spectacle of the kitchen theatre as you dine! 

Mount Fuji 

One thing you can't miss in Japan is the majestic Mount Fuji. Dating back 600,00 years, this volcano is full of history, having erupted several times since. The volcano is still active but unlikely to erupt any time soon. 
Mount Fuji is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and an important religious capital for many, bringing people from all around the world to climb this incredible feature. 
You can get to Mount Fuji from Tokyo, Kyoto or Osaka by train or private transfers. And the first thing you'll want to do is scale the summit, the hike can be quite difficult but it will be so worth it!  
You can also visit the Fuji Five Lakes or take a cable car from Lake Kawaguchiko to get an amazing view of Mount Fuji. 


Known as 'Little Kyoto' Kanazawa is completely picturesque, with its beautifully preserved samurai and geisha districts with over 40 geishas still living here! With our tours you can dive deep into Japan's culture and history by visiting historic districts, temples and museums in Kanazawa.  
Absorb the busy scenes in the Omi-cho market where the food is incredible, with some of the country's best sushi. For a slower pace, head to the many famous gardens of Kanazawa, especially Kenrokuen, crowned one of the Three Great Gardens of Japan. As you stroll through this gorgeous garden, spot the bridges, teahouses and flowing trees along the way. 
Kanazawa is possibly most known for its gold. 99% of Japan's gold leaf is made here and you'll find it everywhere - on cakes, in beauty products and even on coffee! 


Located just under an hour from Kyoto and Osaka, Nara is full of cultural treasures, including Japan's oldest and largest temples and is home to three World Heritage sites. 
Nara Park is a must-see when visiting Nara, covering 660 hectares and known for its free-roaming, friendly deer. Feeding these deers is an attraction in itself! Also inside the park is the most prestigious temple, Todaiji Temple with a 15 meter high Buddha. This temple brings people in from all around the world and has incredible views of the city. 
Opposite Todaiji is Kasugataisha Shrine, festooned with beautiful brass lanterns that are lit twice a year in winter and summer. This shrine is also famous for its wisteria flowers that bloom in May. 


The northernmost region of Honshu, Tohoku is blessed with dramatic landscapes and breath-taking natural beauty. The coastline is one of the most striking aspects of Tohoku, ditted with little fishing villages and beaches, with restaurants serving delicious deafood - fresh sashimi, oysters and grilled fish. 
Heading more inland, you'll find hiking trails, hot springs and ski resorts, making it the perfect location if you love the outdoors. If history and culture is more your thing then Tohoku is also great for the different cultural landmarks like the old samurai residences in Kakunodate, the historic streets of Hiraizumi or the temples and shirnes of Yamadeta and Matsushima. 

Top hotels in Honshu  

Uan Kanazawa 

Four Seasons Kyoto 

Aman Tokyo 

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