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Sun-kissed days and starlit nights 

Mykonos is a popular Greek island located in the Aegean Sea, part of the Cyclades archipelago. Known for its vibrant nightlife, beautiful beaches, charming architecture, and cosmopolitan atmosphere, Mykonos is a sought-after destination for tourists from around the world.  
Like Santorini, Mykonos is also famous for its distinctive white-washed buildings with blue accents, reflecting the traditional Cycladic architecture. Narrow winding streets and alleys create a picturesque and charming setting. 
The iconic windmills on the hill above Mykonos Town are a symbol of the island. Nearby, the area known as Little Venice features houses with balconies hanging over the sea, creating a romantic and picturesque setting. And a short boat trip from Mykonos takes you to the archaeological site of Delos, a UNESCO World Heritage site. Delos was a sacred island in ancient times and is home to well-preserved ruins, including temples, statues, and mosaics. 
Mykonos is not only a destination for those seeking vibrant nightlife but also for travellers looking to relax on beautiful beaches, explore historical sites, and indulge in the island's unique charm. Whether you're seeking excitement or tranquility, Mykonos has something to offer for every type of traveller. 
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Things to do and see in Mykonos 

Hora - capital of Mykonos 

The Town of Mykonos, called Chora by the locals, is a traditional Cycladic village built around a bay. It has whitewashed houses, narrow streets, beautiful churches, lovely chapels, and purple bougainvilleas contrasting with the bright white of the buildi ngs' walls. 
Cars are not allowed in the heart of the settlement for most of the day, which makes the walk among the labyrinth streets particularly pleasing, especially during the early morning.  
Numerous cafes, chic boutiques, souvenir shops, and fine jewelry shops lie in the beautiful capital. For a delicious lunch or dinner, look no further than Mykonos Town - it is home to some of the top restaurants in Greece. 
Mykonos Town beach is the closest beach to the capital and Little Venice and its location is ideal for a quick plunge! 

Stroll around Little Venice and the iconic windmills 

One of the most-photographed spots on Mykonos, Little Venice is made up of homes that were built in the 18th century and have their foundations in the sea. It has been said that pirates would store their loot here. Today, they have been converted to bars and restaurants and the view of the sea from their balconies is dazzling. It's a romantic and scenic part of the town with colourful balconies and a great place to enjoy sunset views. 
Mykonos’ other iconic attraction is its windmills, which stand facing the sea and at night are beautifully lit up. Powered by the north wind, these windmills used to grind the island’s grain into flour until the early 20th century. From there, one can enjoy a magnificent view of Little Venice, one of the most beautiful parts of the capital. 

Delos and other enticing nearby islands 

The most popular destination that you can easily reach is the sacred island of Delos, which is currently uninhabited but bears great historical importance. At only a 40-minute boat ride away, Delos offers a deep insight into the ancient past, having served as a major religious pilgrimage location and a political center. Numerous archaeological findings remain intact in their original locations. 
There are other small islands next to Mykonos that will enrich your holidays in Greece: Rhenia, Tragonisi, Ktapodia. They are full of tiny bays with emerald water that are perfect for long, relaxing swims. 
Rhenia islet is also highly recommended as it takes only a few hours of sailing to get there. This small uninhabited island is ideal for day trips. Its past is intertwined with Delos since Rhenia once served as its necropolis(cemetery). While both islands still attain ruins of ancient temples and Byzantine churches, Rhenia is visited mainly for its crystal clear waters. 

Swim at amazing beaches in Mykonos 

Mykonos stands out for its long golden shores that attract thousands of visitors and offer excellent facilities, including lively beach bars. Alternatively, you can board a water taxi. Its departing point is Platis Gialos beach and it approaches 7 of the most popular beaches on the island: Ornos, Paraga, Paradise, Super Paradise, Agrari, and Elia. 
Paradise Beach - while enjoying its crystalline waters, you may also visit the watersport facilities available for an adrenaline boost. The best thing to do is pack your best swimsuit and get ready to dance the evening away! 
Psarou beach: One of the most popular beaches on the island lies only 4 km from the Town (Chora). It is famous for its luxury beach bars, restaurants, and resorts. 
It is sandy, with calm turquoise waters, and almost entirely covered with sunbeds and sun umbrellas. One of the most popular beach bar-restaurants on the island, Nammos, is located there. 

Matoyianni Street shopping 

All kinds of shops are available in Mykonos Town on Matoyianni Street, mostly gathered in the narrow whitewashed streets of the capital - souvenir shops, high-label designer clothes, shoe shops, art galleries, and several fine jewelry stores selling beautiful creations inspired by the Greek jewels of ancient times 
Shops are open all day, from morning until late after midnight. Brand shops lie next to family businesses, creating a lovely and cosmopolitan atmosphere. The upscale clientele of the island has created the base for more luxurious shops in Mykonos. 
Sitting in Matogianni St makes for some great people-watching. The colourful crowd comes and goes, streaming in and out of brightly lit stores, whether they’re just window-shopping or holding bags full of clothes. 

Best time to visit Mykonos 

The best time to visit Mykonos depends on your preferences and the type of experience you're seeking. 
Summer (June to August) - This is the peak tourist season when Mykonos experiences warm temperatures, clear skies, and vibrant nightlife. The island is bustling with energy, and all tourist facilities are fully operational. Prepare for the island to be quite crowded! 
Spring (April to May) and Fall (September to October) are shoulder seasons. These months offer a good balance between pleasant weather and fewer crowds. The temperatures are still warm, and you can enjoy the beauty of the island without the peak-season hustle. 
Winter (November to March). Mykonos experiences a milder Mediterranean winter during these months. While many tourist facilities may close, some remain open, and you can experience a quieter, more local side of the island. Keep in mind that some attractions and services may have reduced hours or be temporarily closed. 
Special Considerations 
If you're interested in the vibrant nightlife for which Mykonos is famous, the summer months, especially July and August, are when the island is liveliest. 
The summer months offer the warmest temperatures for beach activities. However, if you prefer milder weather and want to explore without the intense heat, the shoulder seasons might be preferable. 

Sample Itineraries Including Mykonos 

Our sample itineraries will show you suggestions for what you can do, see, and the best places to stay while travelling in Mykonos. 
If you like the look of any of these below, let us know and we can completely tailor-make your trip so it is totally unique to you! 

Island Hopping from Athens 

Top hotels in Mykonos  

Tharroe Of Mykonos 

Cavo Tagoo 

Mykonos Soul 

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