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Luxury Tailor-Made Greece Holidays Athens 2024 & 2025 

Step back in time... 

Enter into the captivating city of Athens, a place where the echoes of ancient times resonate alongside the rhythm of modern life. With a history dating back over 3,400 years, Athens stands as the birth of democracy, philosophy, and art. Imposing monuments, such as the Acropolis, proudly showcase the architectural mastery of ancient Greece, with the iconic Parthenon gracing the skyline. Wander through the historic Plaka district's labyrinthine streets, where neoclassical buildings coexist with charming tavernas. 
Our luxury tours to Athens promise an immersive experience, allowing you to unlock the secrets of this historical gem while enjoying the finest comforts. Immerse yourself in the city's legacy, where ancient ruins and contemporary elegance converge, offering a journey through time in the lap of luxury. 
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Things to do and see in Athens 

The Acropolis 

The Acropolis graces the Athens skyline with its ancient splendor. Perched on a rocky outcrop, this historical citadel bears witness to over 2,400 years of Greek civilization.  
Dedicated to the goddess Athena, the Acropolis stands as a symbol of strength, wisdom, and cultural richness. Ascending its sacred steps, visitors are transported back in time, surrounded by the remnants of temples, theaters, and sanctuaries. Each stone and column narrates tales of a bygone era, offering a captivating glimpse into the architectural prowess of ancient Greece.  
We invite you to explore this UNESCO World Heritage Site, an enduring testament to the birthplace of democracy and the enduring spirit of Hellenic civilization. 

The Parthenon 

The Parthenon, an architectural masterpiece atop the Acropolis in Athens, is an illustrious symbol of classical brilliance. Constructed in the 5th century BCE, this Doric temple dedicated to the goddess Athena represents the zenith of ancient Greek architecture.  
Majestic columns and intricate friezes adorn its structure, showcasing a harmonious blend of mathematical precision and artistic finesse. Serving both as a religious sanctuary and a civic treasure, the Parthenon evokes a profound sense of awe and admiration.  
Our luxury tours to the Parthenon offer a privileged encounter with this iconic landmark, allowing you to bask in the cultural resonance and timeless this stunning monument. 


Plaka, located at the foothills of the Acropolis, is an enchanting blend of antiquity and charm in the heart of Athens. This historical neighbourhood, also known as the 'Neighbourhood of the Gods,' is a labyrinth of narrow streets adorned with neoclassical facades, vibrant bougainvillea, and cosy tavernas, with the backdrop of the Parthenon. 
Here, antiquity meets modernity as ancient ruins stand side by side with chic boutiques and artisan shops. As you stroll through the cobblestone streets, the air is infused with the aroma of traditional Greek cuisine.  
A journey through Plaka promises an immersive experience, inviting you to explore its timeless beauty, discover hidden gems, and relish the culture that makes Plaka a quintessential Athenian experience. 

Syntagma Square 

Syntagma Square is dominated by the Greek Parliament building, this bustling square is a melting pot of history, politics, and modern life. As the ceremonial changing of the guard takes place at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, the air is filled with a sense of national pride.  
Surrounded by luxury hotels, high-end boutiques, and chic cafes, Syntagma Square effortlessly blends the historical significance of the Old Royal Palace with the elegance of modern Athenian living.  
Syntagma Square invites you to witness this dynamic intersection, where the past and present harmonize, creating a captivating backdrop for your Athenian journey. 

Monastiraki Square 

Monastiraki Square, calls you in with its dynamic energy in the heart of Athens. With the Acropolis always in view, this lively square is a kaleidoscope of colors, aromas, and cultural richness.  
Traverse through the bustling Monastiraki flea market, where antique treasures, eclectic trinkets, and handmade crafts create a visual feast for avid shoppers and curious wanderers alike. The square comes alive with the melodies of street musicians, the sizzle of street food stalls, and the hum of lively conversations. Iconic landmarks, such as the Tzistarakis Mosque and the vibrant Pantanassa Church, add historical charm to the eclectic surroundings.  
Whether you're indulging in street food delights, hunting for unique souvenirs, or simply soaking in the vibrant atmosphere, Monastiraki Square invites you to embrace the spirited essence of Athens at every turn. 

Best time to visit Athens 

You can visit Athens any time of the year and have a different experience each time! However, April to June is often regarded as one of the best times to visit Athens. Mild temperatures and longer days create a warm atmosphere. It's an ideal time for exploring historical sites, enjoying outdoor activities, and experiencing the city's vibrant cultural scene. 
September to October offer comfortable temperatures. Crowds tend to be smaller compared to the peak summer months, allowing for a more relaxed experience. The weather is still warm, making it suitable for sightseeing, outdoor dining, and enjoying the city's attractions. 
Athens can experience high temperatures during July and August and some locals may go on vacation, leading to reduced business hours in certain areas. However, if you enjoy the lively atmosphere of festivals, outdoor events, and warm evenings, summer could still be a great time to visit. 

Sample itineraries including Athens 

Our sample itineraries will show you suggestions for what you can do, see, and the best places to stay while travelling in Athens. 
If you like the look of any of these below, let us know and we can completely tailor-make your trip so it is totally unique to you! 

Island Hopping from Athens 

Top hotels in Athens  

Hotel Grande Bretagne 

The Dolli 


Build Your Tailor-Made Holiday to Greece 

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