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Luxury Tailor-Made South Africa Holidays Kruger National Park 2024 & 2025 

Wilderness Wonderland 

Kruger National Park is one of the oldest, largest and most diverse parks in Africa and often described as the 'epitome' of the safari experience. Spanning a mind boggling 20,000 square kilometres across north-eastern South Africa, Kruger is not just a national park, its a sanctuary. It was established in 1898 as one of the first wildlife reserves in Africa but has since evolved into a world famous conservation area and a bucket list destination for most people. 
The landscapes in Kruger are as varied as they are breath-taking, imagine rolling savannahs, dense woodlands, rocky outcrops and meandering rivers that sustain a vast array of flora and fauna. It is also home to different species, including Africa's Big Five - lion, leopard, black rhino, elephant and Cape buffalo - as well as 147 species of mammal, 507 species of birds, and 336 species of tree across 16 different distinct habitats. 
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Don't forget the reptiles and insects. Every corner of Kruger is teaming with life, from majestic herds of elephants at the watering holes to the stealthier predators stalking their prey, offering you a front row seat to nature's cinema. 
Exploring Kruger National Park is an absolute feast for the senses, and you can experience it all with private game drives and guided walks. Our experienced guides will lead you deep into the bush, along the way, sharing their wealth of knowledge about the park's inhabitants, ecosystems and conservation efforts. As the sun rises over the horizon, creating a golden hue across the park, the air is filled with anticipation - every turn of the road, every rustle in the bushes hold the promise of an unforgettable wildlife encounter! 
With a range of rustic campsites to luxury lodges and private safari reserves, you will be spoilt for choice when deciding where to stay at Kruger National Park. Each accommodation caters to every type of traveller and budget. Why not spend the night under a canopy of stars, with the sounds of the African Bush singing you to sleep, or retreat to a lavish safari lodge where luxury awaits you after a day full of adventure.  
Whether you're a seasoned safari-goer or embarking on your first African adventure, Kruger National Park promises an experience like no other – a journey of discovery, wonder, and awe-inspiring encounters with the wild. Come, explore, and discover the magic of Kruger – where the spirit of Africa truly comes alive. 

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Sample Itineraries Including Kruger National Park 

Our sample itineraries will show you suggestions for what you can do, see, and the best places to stay while travelling to the Kruger National Park. 
If you like the look of any of these below, let us know and we can completely tailor-make your trip so it is totally unique to you! 

Iconic Highlights of South Africa 

Cape to Kruger 

Luxury South Africa 

Top Lodges in Kruger National Park 


Imbali Lodge 


Jock Safari Lodge 


Singita Sweni Lodge 

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