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A Jewel on the Garden Route 

Along the Garden Route you will come across Knysna, a stunning coastal town that will lure you in with its natural beauty, rich history and vibrant cultural scenes. Located on the southern coast of the Western Cape, Kynsna is framed by the Outeniqua Mountains to the north and the Indian Ocean to the south. 
The landscape in Knysna include lush forests, pristine beaches and the peaceful waters of the Knysna Lagoon, which makes it the the perfect place for exploration and adventure. The iconic Knysna Heads are a must-visit with towering sandstone cliffs that guard the entrance to the lagoon and here you'll have the most amazing viewpoints as you hike along the coastline. 
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Our tailor-made tours can take you on an adventure of a lifetime in Knysna. Take a stroll along the charming streets of the town centre with its Victorian-era buildings, boutiques, art galleries and cafes. There are also so many things to do if you enjoy outdoor activies. Hike or mountain bike through the ancient forests of the Garden of Eden or take to the waters of the lagoon where you can kayak, sail or paddleboard. Why not venture further out to sea for some deep-sea fishing and whale watching? 
Food lovers will be in heaven the the culinary offerings in Knysna, with an abundance of fresh seafood, farm-to-table produce and of course world-class wines from nearby vineyards. Taste local delicacies at waterfront restaurants overlooking the lagoon or head to the busy markets for artisanal cheeses, olives and handmade crafts. 
Whether you are seeking relaxation or adventure Knysna has it all. What are you waiting for? 

Things to do and see in Knysna 

Knysna Heads 

The Knysna Heads are iconic sandstone cliffs guarding the entrance to the Knysna Lagoon along South Africa's Garden Route. These majestic formations, the Eastern Head and the Western Head, create a dramatic and visually striking natural gateway. 
The Eastern Head is characterised by rugged cliffs, lush vegetation and panoramic views of the Indian Ocean. There are several lookout points where you can admire views of the coastline, watch the passing shops go by, or spot dolphins or whales during their migration season. On the opposite side is the Western Head, accessible via Featherbed Nature Reserve, where you can go on a private guided walks, nature trails and and boat cruises. 
The Knysna Heads played a significant part in the regions maritime history and now stand as a symbol of Knysna's natural beauty. 

Featherbed Nature Reserve 

Featherbed Nature Reserve is accessible by ferry and you can only visit with a guise who will take you through scenic trails and provide you with insights into the area's ecology, history and indigenous flora and fauna. Along way, marvel at the towering yellowwood trees, try to spot the endemic Knysna Loerie bird with its vivid green and blue colours, all while enjoying the panoramic views of the Knysna Lagoon and surrounding coastline. 
From the nature reserve you can take part in activities such as kayaking and paddleboarding so you can explore the lagoon and its hidden coves at your own pace.  

Knysna Forest 

The Knysna Forest is a legendary expanse of indigenous forest located in the heart of the garden route. Spanning approximately 20,000 hectares the ancient forest is famous for its towering trees, different shades of green and its rich biodiversity, making it the perfect place for nature lovers, hikers and outdoor enthusiasts. 
You can explore the forest independently on foot or by mountain bike or you can meet a local guide for a three-hour walk. Discover hidden gems along the Jubilee Creek Trail before arriving at a picturesque waterfall where you can take a dip in the swimming hole, or hike the Big Tree Trail which showcases some of the forests oldest and largest trees. 
Your guide will tell you about the forest's ecosystem, showing you different flora, fauna and birdlife as well as pointing out bushbucks, baboons, porcupines and more that may be hiding in this stunning forest. 

Take a Lagoon Cruise 

A cruise is a great way to explore the waters of Knysna Lagoon. Gliding gently along, a knowledgeable guide will tell you all about the history, ecology and the local wildlife of Knysna. This is also possibly one of the best ways to admire the Eastern and Western Heads. 
Depending on the cruise, you may have the chance to visit landmarks and attractions like oyster farms or secluded beaches. Some cruises offer wine-tasting on board, or a romantic sunset cruise! 
Its a fantastic opportunity to encounter a variety of bird species, including seabirds, waders and estuarine birds. Keep an eye out for the famous Knysna seahorses, an endangered species often spotted on these cruises. 

Knysna Town Centre 

Knysna is a bustling hub of activity, drawing you in with its quaint streets lined with shops, boutiques and galleries, offering local handicrafts to trendy fashion to artisanal goods. You'll also find craft markets showcasing local foods and galleries displaying work by local artists. 
After spending a day shopping and exploring, Knysna town offers an array of restaurants and cafes where you can sample fresh seafood, international cuisine and South African specialities, all amidst stunning surroundings. 

Best time to visit Knysna 

Spring - September to November 
Spring brings warm temperatures and a lot of blossoming flora, creating beautiful landscapes; this is a great time to go hiking, birdwatching and more in the nature reserves. 
Summer - December to February 
This is Knysna's peak tourist season with warm temperatures and plenty of sun. Its a perfect time for beachdays, water sports and other outdoor activities. If you don't mind the corwds then summer is a great time to visit for festivals and vibrant nightlife. 
Autumn - March to May 
The autumn months have pleseant weather with fewer crowds compared to the summer months. Its a great time for hiking, exploring the city and visiting the attractions without the summer heat. It is also harvest season so you can enjoy local produce and culinary events. 
Winter - June to August 
Knysna's winter has cooler temperatures and occasional rainfall in June and July, so some outdoor activies might be liited due to the weather. However it is a fantastic time for whale-watching! 

Top Hotels in Knysna  

St James of Knysna 

Amanzi Island 


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