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Not many people know that I spent my childhood years on the stunning island of Corfu and Greek food is something I miss dearly! So this is a list of some of my favourites that should not be missed when visiting anywhere in Greece! 
Greece really is culinary heaven, and food to the Greeks is an integral part of their day-to-day life, culture and history. From ancient recipes to modern delights, the Greek cuisine offers a symphony of flavours.  
Read on for my top 10 favourite foods that capture the essence of Greek gastronomy. 

1. Moussaka 

For obvious reasons, Moussaka is number 1 on most people's list!  
A hearty casserole of aubergine, minced meat and a velvety bechamel sauce. Sometimes it’s made with potatoes or courgettes instead of aubergine (I make it with potatoes) and sometimes with a tomato base. When I think of Greek food, this is where my mind goes straight away! 
Usually served as a late lunch or dinner, this meal is sure to warm you! Each family or restaurant will have their own way of making Moussaka, so why not make it a goal to try as many variations as possible! 

2. Souvlaki 

Skewers of succulent grilled meat, chicken or pork, dusted with oregano, usually served with warmed pita and tzatziki.  
This street food is an absolute classic and one of my favourites! Pick this up with some chips for lunch or have a feast with rice and a Greek salad for dinner. Every couple of meters there will be a Grill House where you can buy souvlaki and you'll only need a couple of euro! 
This reminds me of feeling peckish after school and grabbing a few souvlakis on the way home! 

3. Fasolada 

Fasolada has been coined the national dish of Greece - a hearty meal brimming with nutrients - tomatoes, spinach, carrots and more! If you were to hike into the mountains in Northern Greece, stop off a local's house this is what you will find, year round!  
I like to add leeks and bacon lardons for a twist, and it's usually served with a fresh loaf of bread, sprinkled with some feta... what more could you want!  

4. Spanakopita 

The word 'spanakopita' means 'spinach pie'. And it consists of spinach, feta, onions, garlic and herbs in a flaky phyllo pastry.  
Usually eaten for breakfast, this will really set you up for the day. 
Originally, these pies were baked into triangles so workers could put them in their pockets and eat them while working. Today, people make a family-sized pie, rolled up, or in bite-sized chunks - something for everyone! 

5. Greek Salad 

This list wouldn't be complete without a Greek salad! The main components are tomatoes, cucumbers, red onions, green peppers, Kalamata olives, and a big slab of feta cheeset (the best cheese ever in my opinion), dressed with the usual oregano and olive oil. 
Hands down, this is one of the most popular Greek dishes, consumed at lunch and dinner. You will find this on every menu anywhere in Greece. 
I like to enjoy a fresh Greek salad whilst on the beach with a glass of wine before jumping into the clear blue seas. Bliss! 

6. Dolmades 

The name “dolmades” means “stuffed vine leaves”. In most cases, they are grapevine leaves filled with rice and herbs, some people do make these with ground beef or lamb for a more filling appetiser. 
Dolmades are usually served cold and are often accompanied by other traditional dishes such as tzatziki, Greek salad, grilled eggplant, olives, and pita bread in a sort of tapas style. 

7. Gyros 

As soon as I land in Corfu, I head to the same Grill House and grab myself two of these!  
Sink your teeth into a delicious blend of meat, often pork or chicken, wrapped in warm pita and garnished with chips, tomatoes, onions, and a dollop of tzatziki, its a handheld delight that captures the essence of Greek street food. You can also find a deconstructed gyros called 'gyros portion' at most restaurants. 
Ask for your gyros "ap'ola" to make sure you get everything included inside! 

8. Kleftiko 

Another traditional one. A slow cooked piece of lamb usually paired with potatoes and lots of garlic! 
Kleftiko is cooked in a clay pot or wrapped up in parchment paper for a few hours allowing the meat to slowly roast and become melt-in-your-mouth tender. 
This is a main dish often prepared as part of traditional Greek meals served at family gatherings and special occasions. 

9. Loukoumades 

These doughnut-style treats are mostly famous in Athens but you will find them everywhere. 
The dough is typically made of flour, yeast, and water or milk. You will have a choice of toppings from nuts, honey, melted chocolate or anything else your heart may desire! 
You can grab these for a dessert or simply as finger food as you stroll around Athens! 

10. Bougatsa 

Custard and phyllo pastry - all you need for this to be a clear winner! 
This sweet treat can be enjoyed for breakfast or dessert and it is served warm, usually sprinkled with cinnamon, or sugar. The bougatsa recipe has been passed down from generation to generation and is a staple at Greek celebrations and gatherings. You won't see many variations of this traditional dessert because its perfect as it is! 
I hope this has made you hungry for a visit to Greece! There are so many more Greek delicacies, but we would be here all day listing them, so I'll keep it short and let you do the tasting and exploring! 
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I look forward to hearing from you! 
Riannah at Tailored Journeys 
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