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Chinese New Year is almost upon us, and here are a few interesting facts to whet your appetite for a Far East holiday. 
There's no set date for Chinese New Year, it's a different date every year, according to the lunar calendar. Unlike Western holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas, Chinese New Year can fall anywhere between mid-January to late February. In 2023, it starts on January 22. 
Year of the Rabbit 
2023 is the Year of the Rabbit. There are 12 animals in the Chinese zodiac and they play a much bigger role than in Western cultures. It’s thought your animal sign can decide your career, health and relationship success. Make sure you find out what zodiac animal you are! 
CNY is celebrated all over the world. Did you know that one out of every five people in the world is Chinese? Let alone all the people with mixed Chinese heritage. So it’s no wonder that London, San Francisco and Sydney all claim to have the biggest Chinese New Year celebrations outside of Asia. 
And if you want a taste of the real Asia, check out our favourite Far East itineraries below or click here to see more. 
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