From the vast Himalayas to the palm-fringed Keralan backwaters, India has it all when it comes to a luxury holiday.  
If you’ve never been to India before, we would be truly thrilled to introduce you to this incredible country. If a return visit is what’s on your mind, you’ll know the inescapable pull: once you’ve been to India, it gets under your skin. It is our belief that no nation on earth quite matches up to its breathtaking variety, multi-sensory overload, scope, and sheer beauty. 
With a distinct north/south divide, India is a country of extremes: the ultimate paradox of chaos and serenity. One of the oldest civilizations in the world, India has a kaleidoscopic variety and rich cultural heritage. A nation founded on Hinduism that is still host to eight other recognised major religions, it is a place where intimations of the sacred can be found on every street corner, from a shrine or temple to a whiff of incense or a glimpse of a transcendent view. Every kind of holiday is possible here, from desert safaris in Rajasthan, staying in the elegant courtyarded houses known as havelis and the former palaces of the maharajahs, to breathing the spirit of the Sixties on a Goan beach, to a pilgrimage to the hill stations and historical sites of the Raj. 
India is intense – that’s why we love it. But it can be confusing for the uninitiated. Let us stitch together an Indian adventure – like an exquisite ceremonial sari – featuring several contrasting sites, all seamlessly sequenced. We can suggest highlights for the India novice, or the path less travelled for the seasoned Indophile. 
India reveals a different aspect of her eclectic personality – exotic, extravagant, elegant – to every visitor. Allow us to make the introduction. 
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8 Nights 
The famous Golden Triangle is a classic introduction to the diverse and beautiful India. Architectural wonders, historic sights and the colourful countryside awaits you, as you embark on an epic journey. This is perhaps the best tour to start with if you have never been to India. 
14 Nights 
This wildlife holiday will take you to central India’s most diverse and stunning national parks in search of the famous Bengal Tiger, rare mammals, birds and reptiles. It is the ultimate holiday for those who enjoy wildlife, game drives and are captured by the charisma of India’s tiger. 
10 Nights 
This classic journey combines India's Golden Triangle with thrill of spotting the majestic Royal Bengal Tiger in the wild. The ultimate tour of India takes in Delhi, India's magnificent capital, the stunning Taj Mahal in Agra, Ranthambore which has a thriving population of tigers. This itinerary blends some of the most spectacular cultural sights of India with a wildlife experience. 
17 Nights 
This classic Golden Triangle and Kerala holiday combines the unforgettable cities and sights of the celebrated Golden Triangle in the north, with exploration of one of the country’s most beautiful and lush states, Kerala, in the south. 
10 Nights 
With this itinerary you experience the cultural & vibrant Golden Triangle and the romantic Udaipur staying at some of the best hotels in India. Designed for the first time traveller, this holiday takes you through India's Golden Triangle visiting stunning monuments including Taj Mahal and some of the most beautiful forts & Palaces in Jaipur. 
14 Nights 
On this holiday you will embark on a journey following the footsteps of the British Raj in India. The bespoke itinerary explores the reminiscence of the Colonial rule and the legacy left behind in the country. 
8 Nights 
On this twin centre holiday explore Mumbai - financial capital of India and see a different city with our passionate explorers. Travel to the golden sands in Goa for plenty of relaxation and good food. 
14 Nights 
This journey through the heart of India discovers many hidden jewels. The historic heart of India has sights steeped in heritage, culture & history. Starting from the stunning fort in Gwalior, we travel to the sleepy settlement of Orccha and the city of shimmering lakes Bhopal. 
15 Nights 
This is a fantastic tour that combines rural Rajasthan with some of the popular cities in the region. After visiting the famous Taj Mahal and colourful bazaars of Jaipur you move into the heartland of Rajasthan to stay at hidden gems of Barli & Narlai. The royal forts and palaces are combined with village walks, wilderness safaris, to make you experience the traditional village life. The thrill of spotting a leopard in the wild and taking a cruise on the picturesque Lake Pichola are sure to make this holiday memorable. 
10 Nights 
Combining India's famous Golden Triangle with the holy city of Varanasi, this itinerary is a classic blend of history, culture and religion. Begin with visiting the imperial city of Delhi, learn about the Hindu religion in Varanasi before moving on to Agra to see the magnificent Taj Mahal and finally ending in the Pink city of Jaipur. This is the cultural heart of India and you can immerse yourself in the rich heritage of the country. 
11 Nights 
This journey through the heart of India combines the  magnificent Taj Mahal, stunning Gwalior fort, the amazing temples of Khajuraho and the spiritual Varanasi to give you a memorable experience of the diversity of India. See the contrast when you move from the quiet Panna to religious Varannasi. The experiences on this tour will leave you wanting more and wanting to start planning your next trip! 
10 Nights 
This wonderful itinerary travels through the foothills of Himalaya. Start in the frontier city of Amritsar which is the epicentre of Sikh religion with the stunning Golden Temple,  the tour ends in the Summer Capital of Shimla. On the way stop in the Tibetan settlement of Mcleod Ganj and picturesque Dharashala, home to the exiled Dalai Lama. Travel further into Kangra valley to explore the heritage of Pragpur before spending last few days in Shimla to experience the 'Toy Train'. 
15 Nights 
The best way to experience Rajasthan is to combine big cities with the rural towns and villages of the princely state. This itinerary focuses on the many rural gems off the beaten track.  From royal mansions to luxury tented camps, forts to hunting lodges, this is a leisurely journey through traditional India. From Delhi continue to see the magnificent Taj Mahal,  busy bazaars of Jaipur and the lovely retreat of peaceful Chhatra Sagar. Learn about the Rajputana valour in Jodhpur, chase leopards in the wilderness before ending in the most romantic Udaipur. 
14 Nights 
Traverse beyond the bustling cities of Rajasthan and explore the countryside on this tour. Immerse yourself in some of the most pretty villages, forts and homestays that offer an authentic experience of a gentle village life. Begin your journey at the popular cities of Delhi & Agra before heading towards untouched Ramathra to stay at at the beautifully restored 350 year old Fort and Jaipur with its colourful bazaars. From here delve deeper into Rajasthan and stay in Shahpura - an oasis away from the chaos of big cities. Finally end in royal Udaipur where you wander through the markets, visit the stunning City Palace and enjoy the sunset over Lake Pichola. 
13 Nights 
Often less visited and unexplored, East India is an incredible place to visit. This exciting journey uncovers the different shades of Kolkata before exploring the state of Sikkim, its spellbinding scenery, flower nurseries and stunning monasteries. The region is incredible with an old Buddhist culture, quaint hill towns, breath-taking views and friendly people. Then its down to the colonial hill station Darjeeling to experience sunrise over the third highest mountain in the world and an exciting journey on the famous Darjeeling Himalayan Railway. 
12 Nights 
This itinerary visits Gujarat which has a culture similar to Rajasthan but is less visited. Travel beyond the big cities and step off the tourist trail to the westernmost state of India. Start with the old city of Ahmedabad known for its Indo-Islamic architecture and bustling markets, visit the salt plains of Kutch where rare wild asses roam in the wilderness. Sample some of the finest Hindu & Jain Temples of Modhera and Palitana, impressive step wells and the fascinating Calico Museum. Also visit the colourful & attractive tribal settlements around Bhuj with their decorated houses, textiles, jewellery and amazing people who always wear a smile. This tour is truly captivating with some of the most unusual sights! 
9 Nights 
Tropical Kerala is India's most tranquil and unhurried state. The region has an abundance of tea plantations, forested hills, swaying palms and backwaters. The southern state is an excellent introduction to India. This classic journey begins in the historic city of Cochin with its colourful spice markets to the rolling hills and tea plantations of Munnar. From here travel to the spice plantations of Periyar, where some rare wildlife can be spotted. Explore the backwaters on a rice barge before staying on one of the most famous beaches for relaxation. 
10 Nights 
This holiday to tropical Kerala meanders slowly through the lush countryside. From the port city of Cochin, to the lovely homestay in rural Kerala run by a local family, you will visit farm lands, visit villages, enjoy cooking demonstrations and much more. Head to the backwaters to stay in a village, before boarding your private houseboat to experience the unhurried life along the banks. Finally relax on the sandy beaches of a fishing village. 
10 Nights 
Travelling across the most beautiful state of Kerala, followed by a relaxing stay on the pristine beaches of the Maldives this holiday is perfect for both exploration and relaxation. Start your travels from the bustling port city of Cochin, head up to the hills of Munnar with its rolling tea estates to explore the tea plantations and beautiful valleys. From Munnar drive down the western ghats to Periyar Tiger Reserve and its spice gardens. Next stay on a private houseboat on the backwaters and witness some of the spectacular scenery. The last few days are spent on the white sandy beaches of the Maldives. 
10 Nights 
Located away from the popular tourist trails, Aurangabad, Hyderabad and Hampi are amazingly diverse that only a few people visit. This journey of rediscovery visits the hidden gems of Ajanta & Ellora in Aurangabad, followed by opulent palaces and atmospheric markets of the Old city in Hyderabad. A heady mix of history and culture, this special itinerary travels to the ancient city of Hampi where remarkable empires flourished and declined. The architectural legacies can still be seen even today and are explored on this holiday. 
12 Nights 
Travelling through one of the most historic & beautiful regions of India, this is a memorable journey from princely Mysore to the beautiful spice town of Kochi. Start in Mysore exploring the palaces before spending time chasing wildlife in the Nagarhole National Park - arguably the finest in south India. From here drive up in the hills to the charming colonial settlement of Ooty. Wander through the tea estates that surround the hill station before travelling on the famous ‘Toy Train’ down the western ghats. From Cochin head towards the tranquil backwaters to cruise on your private houseboat and finally relax beside the Arabian Sea on the beautiful Keralan coast. 
16 Nights 
Indian food is as diverse as its culture & heritage and this journey is an 'insider's experience' to the amazing diversity and flavours of southern India with a culinary passage through a variety of cuisines that differ from region to region. Into On this tour sample some of the most spectacular sights, learn cooking practices passed on from one generation to the other, trek through the spice plantations, shop in the local markets for key ingredients and learn to cook some very traditional dishes. Start in the historical Mysore and continue through the western ghats into Kerala and its backwaters. Each day on this tour provides a fascinating peek into the culinary traditions. Before relaxing on the shores of Arabian Sea. 
11 Nights 
The South Indian states of Kerala and Karnataka have a lot to offer including some very less visited parts. This tour combines these two fascinating states, their culture, wildlife and natural scenery at a leisurely pace. Start with the historical Mysore to the tranquil plantations in Wayanad before stopping in Nagarhole to chase leopards and trek in the hills in and around Coorg.  From here, a journey down the hills to the beautiful coastal village of Neeleshwar is a perfect finale. 
10 Nights 
South India has been known as a melting pot of religions and cultures. In this itinerary you unfold the mystical Tamil Nadu, its imperial past, Dravidian roots and rural gems before ending in the tropical Kerala. Begin by exploring the World Heritage Sites of Mahabalipuram, wandering in the streets of colonial Pondicherry and then travelling to the temple towns of Tamilnadu. These living temples reflect their glorious past and with thousands of pilgrims worshipping everyday they are a treat to visit. Explore the backwaters on a rice barge before relaxing in the  historic city of Cochin. 
14 Nights 
This fascinating itinerary travels through a part of India which is predominantly unexplored and often neglected by travellers. The tribal heartland of India in Orissa and it’s existence in Eastern India is unknown to many. Begin in colonial Kolkata before heading deep into the tribal villages of Orissa. Visiting these areas is like a journey back in time as you experience the reminiscence of the Brtish Raj, visit the incredible spiritual temples and monasteries, meet the beautiful tribal communities and learn their fascinating ways of living, cultures and traditions. This tour will be customised to coincide with the weekly markets of various tribes. 
09 Nights 
Ladakh is a land like no other. Bounded by two of the world’s mightiest mountain ranges, the Great Himalaya and the Karakoram, Ladakh is a high-altitude desert area located at the western edge of the Tibetan plateau. Its awe-inspiring landscape has been modified and sculpted into its spectacular shape by wind and water over the millennia. The moon-like scenery is extraordinary: stark and barren but interspersed with isolated settlements of green oases full of swaying poplar trees, apricot orchards and cultivated farmland. Despite the rugged terrain and high altitude, the people of Ladakh exhibit a natural Joie de vivre and their customs and lifestyle are a continuum from the past; these friendly and gentle people will all contribute to make your visit to this stunning area both fascinating and memorable. Explore this magical adventure in style and in ultimate luxury. 
11 Nights 
This holiday allows to experience some magnificent Himalayan scenery, the vibrant Ladakhi culture and distinctive monasteries of this area of India known as ‘Little Tibet’. From Delhi take the scenic mountain flight over the Himalaya to Leh – one of the highest and most remote part of the country and often called as ‘Little Tibet’. The dramatic mountain landscapes, magnificent monasteries and its distinctive cultural heritage make this a fascinating area to explore on foot. After acclimatising in Leh, start exploring the surrounding areas and great monasteries Lamayuru, Alchi and Phyang. You will also have numerous walks in the remote villages where you can enjoy picnic lunches and interaction with locals. If visiting in July or August, some local festivals, where locals get together to enjoy traditional music and costumed dance, can also be included in the itinerary. 
09 Nights 
Maharaja Express is India’s most luxurious train and provides an unmatched way to see India’s best-known sights. On this journey, you will travel in great comfort and style on board the opulent train. Marvel at the magnificent Taj Mahal, chase tigers on a safari, explore the colourful markets, diner at finest locations and all this while enjoy the impeccable hospitality. The overall experience, both on and off the train, sets this journey apart. The seven night journey from Delhi to Mumbai is a tasteful brew of heritage, culture, wildlife and insider experiences. On board you'll be treated to spellbinding desert scenery, along with an all-inclusive spread of fine dining and open-bar drinks. 
09 Nights 
Feel like a Maharaja on this majestic journey onboard India’s Palace on Wheels luxury train. Discover magnificent forts & palaces, spot tigers in the forest, marvel at the astonishing Taj Mahal, visit walled cities of Rajasthan and wander through the colourful bazaars. On the train enjoy luxury private accommodations, friendly and attentive service from personal attendants and delicious meals in the lavish restaurants. There are exciting guided excursions, Rajasthani folk performance, gala dinner and much more. Embrace the treasures of India on this once in a lifetime journey! 
10 Nights 
Explore Bengal’s Hooghly River, a distributary of the holy Ganges, on this epic cruise journey. Start with the former capital of British Raj Kolkata – a historic city with magnificent architectural marvels and churches. This cruise takes you along the intimate Hooghly, which flows from Farakka on the main river down to Kolkata. Explore deep into rural eastern India - the European colonies just outside of Kolkata, Murshidabad - capital of the Nawabs of Bengal and the many monuments of the medieval Islamic capital of Gaur. Also uncover some of the most beautiful terracotta temples in Kalna on this iconic exploration. 
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8 hours approx 
Some are recommended or required by the Centres for Disease Control and the World Health Organisation (WHO).  
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