Sometimes its tempting to assume that to discover wonders, we have to travel afar. But of course nothing could be further from the truth. Europe's shores contain a rich, beautiful, historic and cultured wonderland that's right on our doorstep. 
Acropolis - Greece 
Beach Bungalow - Dhigali Maldives
The Acropolis is the most complete surviving ancient Greek monumental Atraction, which is remarkable considering the centuries of natural disasters, war, and reconstruction. Still, much of its ornamentation now gone. This is one of the greatest historic sights of Europe's shores. 
Beach Suite With Pool - Dhigali Maldives
The most breathtaking beaches of Europe, a must Visit for families and people in need of complete relaxation while also having a multitude of tastes on the shore of the beach. 
Venice - Italy 
Over Water Villa - Dhigali Maldives
There are 177 canals in Venice. The S-shaped Grand Canal is the biggest which splits the city in two. People have lived in this way centuries, there is no roads in venice the only form of travel is by boat. 
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