The fourth largest island in the world (nearly three times the size of Britain), Madagascar is thought of as part of the continent of Africa. But in reality... 
it is not only physically separate, basking in the southern Indian Ocean some 500km off the coast of Mozambique at its closest point; it is detached in population and in spirit. A former French colony, it gained independence in 1960 (though traces of its erstwhile ruler remain in the culture and in the language – French is still widely spoken). 
Its biodiversity is world-famous and, as a result of its isolation, around 80 per cent of its wildlife species are unique. This is the only place you can see the ring-tailed lemur in the wild, and any animal lover will delight in trying to spot such magical creatures as the aye-aye, the panther chameleon and the Malagasy civet on their home turf. 
Call us for our unique insights into the place we’ve long called home. 

Perfect for: 

adventure, beach, cities, culture, honeymoon, wellness, wildlife 

When to go: 

April to December 
This is the best time to go because in April time you can avoid all the major crowds and see all the amazing sites in your own time, however July to August is perfect for the Hump Backs that you will be able to spot. 

Flight duration from the UK: 

13 hours  

Time zone: 

GMT + 2 hrs  

International airports: 

Antananarivo(TNR), Island of Nosy(NOS) 


Some are recommended or required by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the World Health Organisation (WHO). 
Contact us for details. 
Tailored Journeys is about helping you explore one of the most fascinating and beautiful regions on earth, in style. Even if – especially if – you don’t know where to start, call us now to talk about creating your own Tailored Journey – and let the dream begin. 

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